The Ftse Mib started a recovery from the lows of the year, remaining for now under 19,500 points. What are your predictions in the short term at Piazza Affari?
The situation is quite complex: the probabilistic scenarios, after the worst October of the last 9 years, tend to hold the support at 18,350 points of Ftse Mib from now to the end of the year and for a recovery towards 20,500 points, going to make the rally Christmas.
This scenario has to deal with the 19,500 points on the technical level, the resistance threshold that must be reduced at least on a daily basis.
On the political front, the adjustment of the Italian government’s maneuver, more in line with the expectations of the EU, could be decisive in this sense. It is evident that the yielding of the supports would completely negate this hypothesis.

From Trendonline, interview of November 8th 2018.

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