In 2017, thanks to robo-advisor, Cyber Trade expanded its range of daily servicesto cover all asset types, some with more strategies: ETF, funds, italian stocks, american stocks, European Stocks, Forex, futures. .

All services are summarized here.

Some of these strategies are used for management activities for Pairstech, for which I have been re-appointed to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) coming from another management company. Institutional trading began on June 20th.

At present we trade 3 of the portfolios that can be used by retail users on their own account with self-made orders with daily signals. We achieved a performance of 11.7% from 20 June to 31 October 2017 (4 months and a half) with a good diversification (italian shares in Italy, Nasdaq stocks and futures) . On an annual basis this is a good performance mainly achieved with a low volatility of the NAV.

Positions at october 30th.

The results (certified, not backtesting as equity lines circulating on social networks by teachers or improvised managers) confirm the goodness of the models but also how it can contain the volatility of the NAV with a good diversification multimarket, multisystem, multi time frame .