Report weekly – 26 Novembre 17

Last week we reported that the presence of the supports could revive the bull and it did. We’re coming back to the other side. Only at the break of the maximum would be wasted new rebounds at the beginning of December.

Let’s look at the situation in detail:

FTSEMIB: rating still BULLISH since December. In November 19 we wrote: “21900 per hour has risen and despite all the trend has not yet turned. We went from excess demand to an excess bid. Probably a rebound..” Bounce arrived, a close over 22500 would lead to a maximum target at 22800. Head and shoulder risk.

DAX30: the rebound arrived even on the Dax, but there is no sprint. It’s not a good signal. Be careful to load too long positions.

S&P500: there are some divergences that must turn on at least one alarm bell. BULLISH.

BUND: resistances intact. Lateral. Little to say.

EURO DOLLARO: Break of 1.19 confirmed in close and probable rise to 1.20.

BITCOIN: We also start posting bitcoin graphics because it can not be ignored even in a free report. My view on “bitcoin as an investment” has already been illustrated by other times, such as last week’s QN interview. At the trading level if the primary trend is not in question and points to the 10,000, I would shortly consider the risk of a  correction. towards 7000

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