The Catalan referendum shakes markets but continues to stand firm; however, we have come to the crucial resistances and it is likely a pullback. Let’s look at the situation in detail:

FTSEMIB: Ever BULLISH rating since December. We came to practically the target at 22830 consisting of the resistance shown in the figure. We now have to wait for the transfer that we have not seen practically in mid-September. If, on the other hand, we surpassed this level, we should start looking at the next target. DAX30: “Beyond the 12600, let’s wait at least 12700 as a weekly target.” This we wrote 7 days ago. The Dax went even further but we got to a level of resistance that now decides the most important match. A close up above the 12900 would push us on new absolute miles well above 13,000. S&P500: We’ve seen the 2480 test we predicted last week and the American market from there has spread strong as usual to new heights. For now unstoppable. BULLISH. BUND: We arrived on so much support. Let’s wait for a rebound to area 162. EUR USD: If 1.21 was the barrier that had to curb the bulls, as reported in the previous reports, 1.1730 should on the contrary be the support that curbs the bearish. The scenario would change with the close under the support, otherwise the side remains the most likely hypothesis. For more info & services: HERE

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