Korean threats come back to date and become more concrete. It is likely therefore that you will be assisting to weak markets on Monday opening. If so, this would collide with a technical framework in which the resistances still are master and with a Dax that has not yet emerged from the short bearish channel.

We look at the situation in details.

FTSEMIB: Judgment BULLISH since December. Ftsemib since 5 weeks has returned flat. Over 22150 we would have a new bullish signal with target 22800. A trend change would be below 21,000 points. DAX30: Last week we wrote: “[…] or it goes up with a good shot of kidneys or we risk, under the 12,000, points to move from bullish to bearish, at least in the short term.” The kid’s stroke has happened and the Dax has closed above the mm200 but it finds the static and dynamic resistances right at the highest of the week. Antennas straight …

S&P500: We are always with a nice backbone but only a close on 2480 would soon overwhelm the risk of a return to 2419. BULLISH.

BUND: We can equally replicate last week’s comment: “Stall situation, moderately bullish. Resistance to 165 (hit target for roboadvisor daily report) and 160” support. We will see if post technical deadlines volatility will increase. For the BTP some tension could arrive in September on the government’s tenure test on ius soli topic.

EURO DOLLARO: The euro dropped 1.20 and then jumped to 1.18 as expected last week and now we should stay in the trading range for several sessions. Only the break of 1.17 would change the perspective.

DISCLAIMER: The past results are no guarantee that they will get similar in the future. Those who invest or carry out speculative activity do so under their own responsibility, aware of the intrinsic risks and losses that such an operation can generate.