KITT2000Do you remember Kit, the talking car driving by itself? And who has not seen at least Terminator or other movies where the machines came to overpower man?

It will be for the conditioning resulting from the movies, it will be a legacy arising from the dawn of the industrial revolution, but the middle man has always viewed with suspicion and distrust the machines.

wetradeI experience the same distrust every day in finance from 15 years to now. The robotraders have proved their effectiveness. With their efficiency they have retired most of the “scalper” (have you noticed that even the scalper term is now in disuse?), namely those traders who bought and sold on the wire of the second by carrying out hundreds of operations per day. Yet there are still people who often say to me: “Do you rely on computers? For a tough business like stock trading?” Precisely because trading is a difficult, complex business that requires fast decisions, a high level of attention, monitoring of so many parameters, and wacky computers can do their job well and is one of the areas where robots make it a master, Without so many people realize it … But massive use of robots does not stop at finance or in the military and military sectors.


The rider-robot by Yamaha

A few weeks ago a mom in front of the school explains to me her concerns for the son who has to decide what to study after the middle schools and tells me “… […] D. would like to make electronics but in my opinion there are too many students now. .. “And I …”It depends on the point of view, robotics for example is constantly expanding and I do not think it will stop … “.

If you are studying in magazines and on the internet, you will notice how robots are starting to take hold in all areas and already we begin to see science fiction scenarios of few years ago.


FCA and Google will collaborate on the development of cars that drive without humans (as well as other automakers). Yamaha has developed a robot capable of driving a motorcycle (and there are already someone that dream on races with the robots that ride bikes in place of Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo).

As for the futuristic car scenarios, they are already reality: for example, it is news of these days that the first championship of unmanned cars was born. By 2017 “robo-race” will be the outline of Formula E (electric propulsion) championship.



Also yo’ve to know that Asimo (produced by Honda), one of the first humanoids, is constantly evolving, perfectly interacts with human beings as much as it is waiting for foreign visitors to check the Narita Airport passports to present Japanese technology.

Will robots steal work on humans or will they help them in everything, including work? I believe in the second hypothesis. Robotics are present but will be the future in almost every possible area, including the healthcare sector. If you think that robots can be cause for redundancies and increase unemployment, read this Randstad article: “Robotics and work: how is changing the scenario”.

The future is now. Understanding it, as well as financial success in recent years, will make the difference between those who will be able to evolve their know-how and will keep pace with the times and who will be extinct.