From today, July 31st, new subscriptions, new services and small news from subscriber requests / suggestions start. In summary:

  • The minimum duration of quarterly roboadvisor subscriptions becomes monthly;
  • The daily roboadvisor, which previously included stocks + futures, could be subscribed individually on each kind of instruments: ETF, futures, commodities, Forex, italian stocks, S&P500 stocks, NASDAQ stocks, funds. Each report is generated, printed and automatically sent by a robot, including track record updated day by day;
  • The time freed from article editing will be used by creating the VIRTUAL TRADING ROOM for PREMIUM customers whose details can be found here. We will comment on all the operations of the various services, we will trade together, we will respond to live analysis requests, a couple of hours a day 4 days a week.

Access the list of all services with details, costs, and subscription links.