Two days of real time & real money trading training, where you can tackle a real-time work on futures, stocks, certificates, bonds, ETFs, in the beautiful setting of the Romagna Riviera, where you can extend your stay for the weekend. It will be possible to see how a professional, pioneer of the fintech works, knowing which strategies it uses, which markets to select, how and why: a real multimarket, multistrategy, multi-time frame trading. In the exquisite didactic part will be treated 4 unprecedented price patterns, showing their results, practical implementation as well as showing how to realize, test and validate a fifth unpublished contrarian strategy for indexes based on trend follower indicators. All participants will be issued the executable codes for Multicharts / Tradestation (convertible in other languages) and attestation of participation. On Thursday, the coffee break will be dedicated to the Superbike world championship paddock at the Misano World Circuit, a unique environment where you can get to know and see riders, technicians and bikes.

THE THEMES TREATED: #livetrading #tradingsystem #pattern #indicator #backtesting #moneymanagement #robotrading

Program THURSDAY 15th:

9:00 am. Opening of the Italian Stock Exchange. The first hour of trading.
10 / 12 am: Trading on MTA, IDEM, MOT and EUREX: what techniques to privilege. The choice of time frames. Multistrategy trading, multitimeframe.
12 / 1 pm: lunch break
2 / 4 pm: Interpretation of Macroeconomic Data and Opening of the US Stock Exchange. Using correlations. How to understand the nature of financial instruments
4 / 5:30 pm: Coffe Break – Paddock show – World Championship SBK – Misano World Circuit
6 / 7:15 pm: mechanical trading psychology. Drawdown management and technical support for automated trading.


9:00 / 12: Price patterns: what they are, why they work, result analysis, and practical implementation while robotraders work live.
12 / 1:30 pm: lunch break
2 /4 pm: Idea, testing and realization of a strategy based on a follow-up trend indicator but used for a countertrendic logic.
4 / 5:45: Money Management and Building Portfolio.
6 pm: Completion of works.

TEACHER: Enrico Malverti: He’s a quantitative analyst, shareholder and board member at Cyber Trade, a fintech company that develops robotraders and roboadvisors. For over 16 years Malverti has been designing trading systems for institutional clients. He’s also a Portfolio Manager for a London-based management company also authorized in Italy. He’s the author of several best sellers on trading systems and technical analysis including “Winning Trading Systems”, and “Secrets of Trading Systems” (2016) edited by Hoepli.

How much does it cost?

820 € Including VAT.

Where to sleep?

For subscribers to the course we have signed a convention with Hotel Milton,  Viale Alfredo Cappellini, 1/A, 47921 Rimini RN

The hotel has a spa and swimming pool.

How to sign up?

To subscribe, write to contacts@widetrader.com with your tax information for the invoice and make the transfer to:

Cyber Trade Srl 
IBAN: IT 49 J 08542 13110 044000179982 
BCC Credito Cooperativo 
Piazza Harris Paul 
48122 Ravenna

Will I have something about the course?

Yes, you will be gifted with the registration of the days, in addition to the source codes of the 5 trading system illustrated.

Who is it for?

To Discretionary Traders, who want to improve their techniques or evolve towards automated trading and mechanical traders who want to take a step forward in their know-how.