Nothing new in this week on the financial markets. American indices are the only ones worthy of note thanks to the new highs. Let’s look at the various situations:


FTSEMIB: Following the March 17th buy opportunity, we were close to the resistance at 21700 without being able to break it down. We reiterate that: “Seasonality is unfavorable, only over the resistance you can think to go long. BULLISH.


DAX30: The Dax is struggling to find enamel, but as long as it gets above 12370, it does not create big moods for the bulls. BULLISH 

S&P500: Selling Usa hurt, we say it for two years, this time the other surprise: new highs. A correction to 2400 at least I would wait for it … BULLISH.

IBEX: It remains valid as it was written last week. “The trend is BULLISH. The pullback stopped on the 10513 support. If it break in close, think about closing positions.”

BTP & BUND: The Bund has found support in the monthly trendline and is now bouncing. The BTP also breaks the resistance on a monthly chart.

GOLD: Always on the sidelines but a summer return of risk aversion could help back up to 1300.

CRUDE OIL: After so much climb up here is the slip of the crude oil that finds the lower supports and, for now, it should stop coming down.

EURO DOLLARO: As long as we are going to be above 1.09 a target at 1.15 is not to be excluded. The scenario would change below 1.09.

DISCLAIMER: The past results are no guarantee that they will get similar in the future. Those who invest or carry out speculative activity do so under their own responsibility, aware of the intrinsic risks and losses that such an operation can generate.