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Enrico Malverti

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Slave of the monitor? Free your mind and free your life, trade everywhere!

Enrico Malverti and his staff design quantitative models and trading systems for institutional traders (SICAV funds, hedge funds, banks and large investors).

Download Enrico Malverti's equity curves real money and its staff since 2005 (excluding capital gains) is obtained by trading systems and techniques multimarket multisystem.

If you are an institutional investor interested in studies of personal or individual trading system portfolio in shares, futures, currencies, commodities of all world markets CONTACT US to get the track record.

What is a trading system
A trading system is a trading strategy translated into a programming language of a platform for technical analysis.

Advantages of automated trading

Working on the stock market using a trading system provides multiple advantages: 1) it is possible to statistically verify the effectiveness of a strategy on a whole series of years before using real money, 2) one can estimate the risk of the portfolio and establish policies for money management, 3) the automatic operation eliminates anxiety and stress, it is not necessary to monitor how it's going 12 hours a day.

Trading systems: the weaknesses

A trading system is not a machine for making money.It is not easy to continue to operate while maintaining confidence in the strategy during stages in which losses, rather than profits, are generated. One should be adequately capitalized to deal with the drawdown. Moreover, the markets evolve and in some cases the trading system performs worse than before.

No codes, signals yes, but with moderation
A trading system is the result of many hours of research and analysis. If you have a good trading system and you use it with real money is counterproductive to sell the code even encrypted. Sell signals instead allows economies of scale while maintaining control of the production chain.

Some of our trading systems are leased to selected customers retail on Dax30, FTSEMIB, BTP future.

There are also strategies on Eurostoxx, Bund, Mini S & P, Nasdaq Mini, Natural Gas, Gold, Copper, Forex, ETFs, stocks, funds on all time frames, including daily and weekly. Contact us for info on customized portfolios. For subscriptions and costs click HERE

Equity line of the models "EMA-QUANT" applied to an hedge fund since january 2nd 2014




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