Enrico Malverti, as well as being an appreciated quantitative analyst, has written several successful books on technical analysis and trading systems.

From 2003 to 2011 he wrote for Franco Angeli, Tradinglibrary, Il Sole 24 Ore, Borsari, Experta and from 2012 to present for Hoepli.

BREAKING: In 2018 we will finally be published two books of Enrico Malverti translated into English

Trading System Vincenti

The book analyzes in detail a number of trading strategies based on the use of trading systems, tools that provide automated entry and exit signals on the various financial markets, without the emotional component that drives investors with discretionary logic.
15 trading system codes included for Multicharts, VisualTrader, and eSignal

The book describes fully and exhaustively the various operating techniques that can be used to consciously manage your money.

This volume describes all financial instruments (stocks, currencies, futures, options, ETFs, certificates, etc …) that can be used to build solid operating strategies. Errors that are not to be committed are also explained when deciding to invest, either directly or indirectly through various bank channels, their own availability.

The book describes a number of operational strategies that are used for short term trading. In the first part, the author looks at the fundamental steps in creating a professional trading system and then describing in detail the various systems to operate profitable on the stock markets, the Forex market and the futures markets around the world.
Trading systems are accompanied by lists in both Power Language (Multicharts and Tradestation software) and in the Metatrader and Visual Trader format. Practical examples are shown for each strategy and operating statistics are provided.